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"The female equivalent of a neckbeard is a Not-Like-Those-Other-Girls girl. Yeah, you’re a female, but you’re not like… you know, those other girls. Other girls are stupid and vapid, and only care about boys and shopping. Other girls only watch Sex and the City, and their favorite activities are gossiping and stabbing each other in the back.Other girls are sluts who wear tacky clothes and too much make-up and have no self-respect.

You’re not like that. You watch anime (subs only, of course) and play video games. You don’t read Twilight or any of those shitty paranormal romance novels. You read comic books and ASoIaF (which you liked before the show, tyvm). You’d rather fling yourself off an overpass than wear something girly or pink. All your friends are guys, and they know you’re one of them; you’re one of the cool girls. You’re smarter than all those ditzy popular girls, and that makes you better than them. You’re a unique and special snowflake amongst a sea of clonebot Other Girls, and maybe, just maybe, one day some cute nerdy guy will see you for the catch you are.”

/u/jurymast comments on “What’s the female equivalent of a neckbeard?”

Posing with gaming equipment doesn’t actually make you good at games. It just makes you someone with a vagina and a headset.

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